Nel cuore della Spezia, le due strutture del Cruise Terminal di Spezia e Carrara.

Garibaldi pier

Garibaldi pier west and the adjacent areas are equipped and organized to accommodate a considerabile number of passengers per day, both for boarding / disembarking and for transit.
The overall length of the quay is 627.50 linear meters, it is equipped with 36 rubber fenders, 39 anchor bollards (in which 21 are 100 tons and 18 are 150 tons) and 8 stainless steel safety ladders. The pier is also equipped with a specific cable duct that will allow the electric power supply (cold ironing) of the moored ships in the future, once the electricity operator will upgrade the current distribution and network interconnection systems.

The draft is about 12 meters such as to allow the approach of the latest generation ships.

Terminal Cruise 2 by Largo Michele Fiorillo

Built in 2015 with an internal area of ​​1450 square meters, it allows passengers’s operations to embark and disembark according to the highest standards required by the market. There are 20 stations for check-in, 10 desks for various services, more then 150 seats, offices for staff and public safety, as well as bathroom facilities. The building was designed with a single-span metal structure of 30 meters to ensure high functional welcoming standards.
Particular attention was paid to the design and construction of the plants, with regard to the aspects of controlling, saving and limiting energy consumption in order to ensure a low environmental impact both in terms of consumption and emissions. The lighting system, for example, envisaged the use of addressable and governable lamps with LED technology with an automated power consumption control system in relation to the scenarios of use, both with wireless remote controls and remotely with wi-fi and applications on tablet / pc or smartphone.

Similarly, concerning the air conditioning plant, an advanced central controller, was built by three unity of air, (iTM intelligent
Touch Manager) that can be managed remotely, to allow the use of the systems in relation to the surrounding climatic conditions and the required comfort.
The terminal is equipped with an internal information network that can be managed remotely both in terms of content and schedule.
In the check-in area there are five pairs of 47″ monitors positioned behind each of the five gates.
Information and / or operational contents of the various companies can be conveyed on the various monitors. A 14-square-meter screen was installed on the opposite wall with the function of entertainment and the dissemination of images also of an operational and / or safety nature.