The Vara Valley

Val di Vara, is a green oasis in eastern Liguria, represents a territory of great historical-naturalistic interest with qualities of agricultural production (hence the term “Biological Valley”).


The territories of the River Vara

The crossing of the Vara river which constitutes the uniting element of the district and a green lung in which biodiversity represents the primary aspect of the valley, it is characterized by the presence of numerous fortified villages, the result of the transformation of the urban layout over the centuries.
Val di Vara, surrounded by a long range of mountains of the Ligurian Apennines, lying behind the Gulf of Poets and the terraced ridges overlooking Cinque Terre, it is home to an extraordinary variety of landscapes and ancient villages.
The waters of the Vara river flows through the entire valley, from the falls between the slopes of Monte Zatta until the meeting with Magra river, fed by the numerous streams that flow sinuously in the green and suggestive minor valleys.
The varied natural environment, from the Mediterranean environnement to the vast areas of pasture, gives life to a landscape of remarkable beauty in which the farming culture has been able to leave its mark.
On the paths of history and traditions, the discovery of this land also continues at the table, with a simple and genuine cuisine that knows how to make the most of the products of active agriculture, especially in the middle and upper part of the valley.
Visiting Val di Vara means immersing yourself in a condensed Liguria perched on the mountains a few kilometers from the sea where different ages and structures coexist, little-known flavors and sounds to (re)discover.

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