Passenger Services

On the 18th December 2012, the Regulations no. 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and Council concerning the RIGHTS OF THE PASSENGER travelling by sea and through inner navigable routes, is entered into force…

Passengers with reduced mobility

Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility can access the Terminal without constraints or architectural barriers from the vehicular and pedestrian entrances. The car parks, information points and toilets are fully accessible. Operations such as: baggage delivery, check-in, boarding and those that follow arrival such as baggage collection, etc. take place in structures adapted to the needs of PRMs.

For movement within the port facility, collective or dedicated transport services are available, carried out with vehicles equipped with retractable platforms.

In the terminal a wheelchair is available to the passengers, if needed.

Parking and rest areas
Disability parking spots are available outside the cruise terminal area, allocated in yellow painted spots.

Inside the parking area of ​​Controviale Parma under concession to SCCT there are parking spaces reserved for PRM users. PRM Clients are not exempt from payment. The user of these reserved stalls must visibly display the special disabled badge on the dashboard/windscreen.

Assistance to PRM passengers
Assistance to PRM passengers is provided by the port terminal and by the carrier, on the basis of their respective responsibilities.

Spezia&Carrara Cruise Terminal Srl, within its own areas, provides personnel to assist the passenger in the phases preceding boarding and those following disembarkation as explained below:

  • Transfer from the ship to the terminal;
  • Ascent and descent by shuttle bus;
  • Reaching the toilets.

The passenger concerned must forward his/her request to the SCCT company – by e-mail or telephone.

E-mail address:

Telephone number: +39 0187 1961403 during office hours